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  • Do we have Financing? Of course we do! We have multiple sources of financing with a variety of plans to choose from. 0% for 60 months (w.a.c.)  We even have a 240 month plan for those larger purchases. Just ask, we have a plan for you!
  • How can I tell what size my system is?
    Find the model number on the data plate on your outside unit (air conditioner). In that number will be 2 digits (usually not right in the first 3-5) that are a multiplier of 6 such as 24, 30, 36, etc. An example: 4A7A6036J. The last 2 digits tell us this is a 36000 BTUh air conditioner. 1 ton of air conditioning is equal to 12000 BTUh, thus this is a 3-ton air conditioner. If you need help call 405-721-6300.
  • How far do we travel to install?
    Generally, in the OKC metro area. But, call us and we might make exceptions for the right project.
  • What's included with our pricing?
    Up to 50' of refrigerant lines, a metal plenum, flue pipe connections, permit & inspection (where applicable). The site visit is necessary to prevent surprises for either of us and assure we can perform at the quoted price. If we can't there is no obligation and you wasted no money.
  • Do we only sell air conditioning systems?
    For simplicity, that's all we have listed here. Contact us at 405-721-6300 for options on heat pumps, packaged units, multi-port ductless mini-splits, unit heaters, air handlers, humidifiers, duct systems; anything air conditioning. Call us with your project needs or questions.
  • What are the components of an air conditioning (or heat pump) system?                                                          There are 3 main components: The "outdoor unit" also called the "condensing unit"  which may be an air conditioner or heat pump (heat pumps gather heat in the winter in addition to dissipating heat in the summer; very beneficial in total electric homes or homes with LP gas).  2. The "indoor coil" also called the "A coil" which is connected to the outdoor unit via copper tubing called "refrigerant lines" and is the indoor portion of your cooling system.  3. The "air handler" which can be a gas furnace or electric fan coil unit but in either case is the "blower" in both heating and cooling modes.